For A Knot in My Brow

Netanyahu, invited by US congress, President Obama refuses to meet with him.  The man from one of our greatest allies in that part of the world.  It’s not the man Netanyahu, after all he may not win his election.  It’s the country, Israel, not the man.

I think it is evident, or should be, that the majority of Muslims are without a doubt wonderful people.  There are good and bad in everything…  I also think it is just as plain that the particular terrorists known as ISIS are Islamic.  Why does the President not want to use the words…  don’t get me wrong, I am an Obama supporter, voted twice, the whole nine yards,  I feel as though the words are somehow untouchable, or prohibitive.  If the terrorists were Christian they would be Christian doesn’t mean a black eye on all who are Christian as the majority of Christians would never adhere to that type of ideology.  And people, you’ve got to know if those were Jewish terrorists, they would be named…Jewish terrorists.  Beating around the bush is a bit silly….yeah.

The horrifying displays ISIS seems to revel in showing to the world, their ‘handy work’ are horrible and there are no other words to describe or apply to what they have done.  They are, in point of fact the cruelest band of terrorists at this moment in time.  they hate everyone…even their Muslim brothers.  In fact it seems no one else wants to be like them in any way. Hezbollah is giving up kidnapped hostages and allowing some to go free from their jails. These are wonderful things.  It also shows how invalid the kidnappings and incarcerations were.

So, next to ISIS and the Nazi ‘doctors’ the others are trying to look a bit softer, moderate, terrorists that countries can ‘work’ with.

Not on your life…I don’t believe because encompassing each one of these groups there is a thread passing through them, a thread they hold close and it is near and dear to their hearts.  this is a blackness on which all can agree. Each terrorist group in that region at least wants to obliterate the Jews…Yes when the radicalized strike it seems first a building used for governmental purposes and maybe they leave their best job for last?  they strike out at Jews.  A kosher store ,synagogues, Jewish schools….. or every day Jews on the street.  We Jews are the icing on the cake ?

Muslims put Christians and Jews in high regard, that is what I thought.  We are the ‘People of the Book’…I thought it was a good thing.  I suppose I will educate myself on that subject….

Any who  Take a look at the countries where ISIS has found refuge. Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Turkey the country supposedly in the coalition to stop ISIS has a convenient ISIS revolving door. Recruits come through Turkey, perfectly positioned as a land bridge country straight to Europe and from, through to Syria.  Turkey does nothing to stop any of this.  One wonders what Turkey gave in return for Turkish hostages some months ago.   But they are alive, and again a good thing.

If you don’t know the location and size of Israel, take a quick look. Now look at the locations and sizes of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and might as well throw in Turkey.

ISIS  wants an Apocalypse, and soon. They want to live in their caliphate.  Their aim now is to conquer and fly the ISIS flag above Rome….

Only 200 miles of water separates Lybia from Italy   and  the  same from Turkey to same.

Tell me the truth, is anyone as freaked out as I am ?

Why can’t 60 countries including American air power wipe ISIS  out  ?


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