Are We Two Really ?

I believe Bibi when he says he truly is worried for the continuation of Israel and the Jews.  The United States seems to be primarily about what the U.S. can get from Israel being in the sweet spot of the Middle East and having a democratic  nation in the area.

I feel a definite chill toward Israel…whether it is this administration , I don’t know,  but  the United States has never been as far from a friendship between these to countries… ever!

It seems presidents after WWII  seem to have understood the importance of a state for and led by Jews.  What is the problem in our government.  How can the top political MEN turn a cold shoulder, an insult really, to the prime minister of Israel?

If the statement ,,tearing apart the fabric” of the united states and Israel is true, this is a very bad sign indeed.  I understand Israel has……oooothers   as  pppaarrrtnerrs…   but the partner ship between the US and Israel I had thought had been that of almost, shall I say, blood brothers.

If the United States shows it will show a cold shoulder to Israel,  then where and who will be their brother in keeping.

Must we drum to death the holocaust and the horrid pictures of the bodies being thrown onto trucks or into mass graves….  or smaller spaces which called for the cutting off  the heads of the bodies to have room to squash the bodies into smaller spaces.

Must we drum the sights and sounds of what went on when Jews realized the showers were nothing but gigantic gassing rooms,  and then we see how they are taken and thrown into ovens to be cremated so that hopefully not even their bones would be evidence of Nazi crimes against humanity.

Must we show how men were sent to dig the ditch which they did not know would be their grave sites, on their knees and shot one by one in the back of their heads to fall into the graves they dug with their own hands.

For God’s sake, what does it take and how much time would it take for at the very least, Joe Biden to sit and listen to what the prime minister of a country made up in the beginning of those mentioned above,  a country told by the United States we would have their back.  This is a no brainer for the US to at the very LEAST be there, to listen to what the prime minister has to say and not give him a cold shoulder….

a cold shoulder from the US to Israel might tell a longer tale to the enemies of Israel and her people around the world.

I never quote from the bible and this might be the first time. (not exactly a quote)….  those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who don’t…. cover your heads  ……

I guess that wasn’t a quote from the bible…..  we could call it a quote from the bible written by myself, but it does say the same thing…..

God chose Israel because she was a small country but the one to carry the word of  God.  why else to win the impossible ?


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