The Anger Factor = The Donald

Donald Trump is a anger magnet and this concerns me.  The people who feed in to Trump’s dogma, those who take him seriously and not a side show, are angry at the establishment ;  probably the postal service as well.

Anger is prevalent and seems to be rising quickly in the form of bullying. Trump is a bully who insults people as though it might be a plank in his administration.  Watching him speak is akin to going to a rally for masochists ; those who like degradation thrown at them and certainly toward the entire country of Mexico’s population.

For Trump it seems all illegal, undocumented Mexicans are rapists and criminals of some type ; any type. It makes sense then if you believe what the man is saying you obviously believe all Mexicans are criminals… what is changed from those who stay in their country or go over the border to the U.S. ?   exactly; nothing !

The verbiage Mr. Trump spewed against Mexican mothers having their children In the U.S.. as though they waited in line to pass over and drop ‘anchor’  (terrible definition) by giving birth to a baby in this country, then to add insult to injury he now would like to change or dissolve the 14th amendment which grants citizenship to any person born here.  That type of action could have such serious consequences, for example; all minorities even if they aren’t the minority in America.

The particular statements about Rosie O’ Donald brought about  the most laughs and noise during the first debate among the GOP audience.

Are these Conservative values ? , Republican core ideas ?  Are they pushing an ideology of mean ?  The reason I ask these questions is because his statements were not interrupted and ruffled none of the debaters feathers.  Not one other potential republican presidential candidate had the ‘guts’ to tell the bully …Enough is Enough !   Sad state of affairs, when family values are cherry picked by the same party who runs against the bad, bad liberals.

Anger and suspicion, feverishly fanned by a man who could—-could—— be  the next president of our country. Our beloved country.

No one group of people is collectively—–criminally inclined, rapists, thieves, lazy, rich, ugly, fat, loud, braggarts, dark or light.


Now HERE is A Puzzling Thought

with all the bombs raining down on Yemen from Saudi Arabia, where is the outrage from the international community about the innocents, families and children that are being killed?

when Israel does the same, only alerting the people who are to be bombed, trying to defend their country, are  attacked over and again. the international community go nuts.

I don’t get it  and I understand this is a war against horrible deeds done by ISIS and terrorism,  but then why ‘ the war field be level.

Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists,  and they are still terrorists as they use their bombs from iran and Russia,  when they as a non state, are lobbing bombs into the state of Israel.

Is it fair to admonish Israel for the same reasons…?  why is Israel the one to always get the stick at their butt ?  it is an army against terrorists….same thing.

Are We Two Really ?

I believe Bibi when he says he truly is worried for the continuation of Israel and the Jews.  The United States seems to be primarily about what the U.S. can get from Israel being in the sweet spot of the Middle East and having a democratic  nation in the area.

I feel a definite chill toward Israel…whether it is this administration , I don’t know,  but  the United States has never been as far from a friendship between these to countries… ever!

It seems presidents after WWII  seem to have understood the importance of a state for and led by Jews.  What is the problem in our government.  How can the top political MEN turn a cold shoulder, an insult really, to the prime minister of Israel?

If the statement ,,tearing apart the fabric” of the united states and Israel is true, this is a very bad sign indeed.  I understand Israel has……oooothers   as  pppaarrrtnerrs…   but the partner ship between the US and Israel I had thought had been that of almost, shall I say, blood brothers.

If the United States shows it will show a cold shoulder to Israel,  then where and who will be their brother in keeping.

Must we drum to death the holocaust and the horrid pictures of the bodies being thrown onto trucks or into mass graves….  or smaller spaces which called for the cutting off  the heads of the bodies to have room to squash the bodies into smaller spaces.

Must we drum the sights and sounds of what went on when Jews realized the showers were nothing but gigantic gassing rooms,  and then we see how they are taken and thrown into ovens to be cremated so that hopefully not even their bones would be evidence of Nazi crimes against humanity.

Must we show how men were sent to dig the ditch which they did not know would be their grave sites, on their knees and shot one by one in the back of their heads to fall into the graves they dug with their own hands.

For God’s sake, what does it take and how much time would it take for at the very least, Joe Biden to sit and listen to what the prime minister of a country made up in the beginning of those mentioned above,  a country told by the United States we would have their back.  This is a no brainer for the US to at the very LEAST be there, to listen to what the prime minister has to say and not give him a cold shoulder….

a cold shoulder from the US to Israel might tell a longer tale to the enemies of Israel and her people around the world.

I never quote from the bible and this might be the first time. (not exactly a quote)….  those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who don’t…. cover your heads  ……

I guess that wasn’t a quote from the bible…..  we could call it a quote from the bible written by myself, but it does say the same thing…..

God chose Israel because she was a small country but the one to carry the word of  God.  why else to win the impossible ?

The Prayer for ‘The Peace of Jerusalem’

Praying and reciting scripture for the love of God for Israel or praying for the peace of Jerusalem is wonderful, nice, sweet…however, when I hear these words said, and I know there are multitudes of Christians who want peace for Jerusalem…it is somehow uncomfortable to hear.

I do not profess to speak for any other Jew, only myself.

Many early pogroms began with Christians who wanted us to convert…or pay the ultimate price.

While Hitler maintained his power, the Pope at that time, Pope Pius was implicit in the dictator’s search for Jews who had converted to Christianity.  The pope delivered to Hitler records of Jews whose conversion to Christianity had been made uncountable years earlier… the pope was a ….putting this in an amicable way…Nazi sympathizer …as well as the head of the Catholic church.

Imagine the difference, if you will, if he had used his influence the way Minister Niemoller used his, to affirm the roots of Christianity was Judaism and preached the validity of the Hebrew bible.  For this he paid the ultimate price in a concentration camp.  A very few encouraged their flock to help their fellow germans, who happened to be Jewish.  German jews were very proud, almost to the point of egotism, to be German. They were the first to proudly say they were German first and jewish second.

But that is neither here nor there…a tangent if I could be forgiven.

The part of the prayers for Israel and Jerusalem which makes me uncomfortable is  NO where in these prayers is the word  jew .  I know and understand many will say Israel IS the jews.  but we are a people who have been far-flung long ago to almost every country throughout the world.

when Israel and jews are in trouble we are in trouble everywhere we might be on earth.

jews are facing a troubling time now.  in Europe anti-Semitism is now bold enough and certainly there are good reasons for it to act boldly, where murder, beatings and harassment are happening daily.  finally there have been guards placed at  synagogues, and jewish schools. anti-Semitism never rolls back, once it starts it only rolls forward.

several months ago it was called anti-Zionism (remember that ?) supposedly caused by Israel’s defense of her country against rockets fired by Hamas from the Gaza strip.  an uproar and growing sentiment grew for the gazan children being killed by Israeli missiles.  at this time only Israel knew Hamas used their population of children as human shields.  reams of pictures and news outlets showed nothing but dead and severely injured gazan children hundreds, thousands of them.  certainly this was an extremely sad and concerning development the people were watching right there on t. v.  and no one in a healthy state of mind could help  but feel terrible and helpless.

But, now, remember what hadn’t been told was the truth about the dead and injured children.

Israeli missiles answering incoming missiles from Gaza were aiming at the source and area from whence the enemy missile had come from.  Israel has known, through the numerous wars, and missiles fired across the border into Israel, that the gazan launching areas used by Hamas are always hidden in schools where children are trying to learn..UN schools,  inside homes of everyday gazan citizens, and in this case missiles were launched from the top of a hospital where the doctors were attending to those same children who were hurt and just minutes before shown as an Israeli victim.  Israel, not knowing the missile came from a hospital, answered the gazan launch and hit the hospital.

can anyone say Israel should not have fired back in order to defend their people and their country?  They are God’s army.  There is no choice when you are chosen to do God’s bidding.

Of course yes,  Israel is better armed and has a superior fighting force.  when in 1967 Israel was attacked by five or six surrounding arab countries at the same time trying to wipe out the tiny jewish state, it was a damn good thing they had that superior fighting force, or Israel would have been no more.  gazans, and the arab countries who wring their hands at their treatment while not allowing them into their own arab countries where gazans actually herald from (trans-Jordan to be exact),  Having to have someone to blame for their crowded, unemployed misery a new scapegoat would have to be conjured.  no one knows who or from which country.  happily Israel saved the proverbial day and the Israelis stay in the same job.

Film crews almost out numbered the genuinely grieving parents showing some of the bloodiest bodies.

when news of strategically placed missile launchers in the schools, one at least, a UN school, and inside houses, and the hospital surfaced for all the world to see and know the truth about Hamas and the horrific things they had brought down around their children,  there was no turning away from Hamas, no harsh words from the international community, no punishment.  it was Israel who was guilty, their fault because they had the ‘iron dome’,  and their fault their missiles hit their targets with accuracy.

crowds began to gather in cities of the great countries in europe.  they were of moderate size in the beginning, and then they began to grow in size.  many of the demonstrators were muslim. Then came the chants of anti-Zionism, not a very stealth cover for the anti-Semitism it was the entire time.

the calls came then for the Zionist monsters to stop the murder of the gazan children.  there was NO call for Hamas to move their missiles away from the middle of populated areas.  in fact there was no outrage of any type against Hamas, not even from the foreign countries who were ready to stop trading with Israel. there was even talk of expanding the boycott of Israeli goods to turkey, whose icy relationship had thawed to an almost friendship.  as far as the arab countries went, the quiet on their part on what Hamas had been doing was deafening.

the UN upon hearing what the Israelis were charging to Hamas did indeed  go to Gaza to investigate, officially those charges.  the UN did in fact find that weapons were STILL being stored in schools and outstanding evidence that Hamas was indeed launching missiles from the areas that Israel had claimed. Israel was telling the TRUTH.

So what happened to those in hamas who did this to their own children and citizenry you might ask?   what happened to those who brought about a true catastrophe ?  nothing, absolutely nothing.

meanwhile ani Semitism has grown  at fever pitch. jews are being attacked harassed and murdered in france Belgium and Denmark while the jews now are leaving france by the thousands.

as ironic as this seems Israel has been called to the icc for a crimes against humanities trial.  Ah but for those who truly love irony… one of the judges who will be judging israel’s crimes will be from hamas.

I think the deck is stacked.

For A Knot in My Brow

Netanyahu, invited by US congress, President Obama refuses to meet with him.  The man from one of our greatest allies in that part of the world.  It’s not the man Netanyahu, after all he may not win his election.  It’s the country, Israel, not the man.

I think it is evident, or should be, that the majority of Muslims are without a doubt wonderful people.  There are good and bad in everything…  I also think it is just as plain that the particular terrorists known as ISIS are Islamic.  Why does the President not want to use the words…  don’t get me wrong, I am an Obama supporter, voted twice, the whole nine yards,  I feel as though the words are somehow untouchable, or prohibitive.  If the terrorists were Christian they would be Christian doesn’t mean a black eye on all who are Christian as the majority of Christians would never adhere to that type of ideology.  And people, you’ve got to know if those were Jewish terrorists, they would be named…Jewish terrorists.  Beating around the bush is a bit silly….yeah.

The horrifying displays ISIS seems to revel in showing to the world, their ‘handy work’ are horrible and there are no other words to describe or apply to what they have done.  They are, in point of fact the cruelest band of terrorists at this moment in time.  they hate everyone…even their Muslim brothers.  In fact it seems no one else wants to be like them in any way. Hezbollah is giving up kidnapped hostages and allowing some to go free from their jails. These are wonderful things.  It also shows how invalid the kidnappings and incarcerations were.

So, next to ISIS and the Nazi ‘doctors’ the others are trying to look a bit softer, moderate, terrorists that countries can ‘work’ with.

Not on your life…I don’t believe because encompassing each one of these groups there is a thread passing through them, a thread they hold close and it is near and dear to their hearts.  this is a blackness on which all can agree. Each terrorist group in that region at least wants to obliterate the Jews…Yes when the radicalized strike it seems first a building used for governmental purposes and maybe they leave their best job for last?  they strike out at Jews.  A kosher store ,synagogues, Jewish schools….. or every day Jews on the street.  We Jews are the icing on the cake ?

Muslims put Christians and Jews in high regard, that is what I thought.  We are the ‘People of the Book’…I thought it was a good thing.  I suppose I will educate myself on that subject….

Any who  Take a look at the countries where ISIS has found refuge. Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Turkey the country supposedly in the coalition to stop ISIS has a convenient ISIS revolving door. Recruits come through Turkey, perfectly positioned as a land bridge country straight to Europe and from, through to Syria.  Turkey does nothing to stop any of this.  One wonders what Turkey gave in return for Turkish hostages some months ago.   But they are alive, and again a good thing.

If you don’t know the location and size of Israel, take a quick look. Now look at the locations and sizes of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and might as well throw in Turkey.

ISIS  wants an Apocalypse, and soon. They want to live in their caliphate.  Their aim now is to conquer and fly the ISIS flag above Rome….

Only 200 miles of water separates Lybia from Italy   and  the  same from Turkey to same.

Tell me the truth, is anyone as freaked out as I am ?

Why can’t 60 countries including American air power wipe ISIS  out  ?

70th Anniversary of The Liberation of Aushwitz

Seventy years. The blink of an eye.

There is a gathering in Poland at the infamous concentration camp named Aushwitz.  I watch this incredible gathering as the victims tell some of the horrors they experienced, for really, those horrors can never be comprehended by those who have never seen their family, friends or other loved ones go through these despicable abominations.

The victims talk, they cry, and beg, no, they lament that these horrors should never happen again.  They speak out to those in an audience who obediently and respectfully listen… and they cry… all cry.  The victims cry, witnesses cry, audience members cry, and we cry in our homes watching these poor souls bearing their hearts to us.  And at the very same time… with no separation in time there are, and have been Anti-semetic , what, I cant call them rumblings, for the words and actions are more, much more than mere rumblings of the old and apparently new, hatred of the Jews.

The countries involved in the ICC are chomping at their bits to get Israel into the International Court and rip her to pieces.  The hooks and knives are being sharpened and held at the ready…….    Israeli war crimes,  really.   A country trying to defend themselves against a terrorist non nation is going to court to defend herself once again and try to explain why Israel must exist…if nothing else this last blast of the murders of Jews and the blatant anti-Semitism in the world right now should and MUST show, tell, explain why it is that we Jews do need a country of our own.  And so it is our God given country of Israel.

Now, why not take an ISIS member to court for International war crimes for beheading several good men , innocent men, for the crime of not believing the way ISIS believes.  Or bring them to court for the crime of genocide, trying to wipe out the Zihdi peoples, the oldest religious peoples in the world.  After the terror they brought those people, the ISIS used up and threw back to Iraq what they no longer wanted or those who no longer had the strength to be an ISIS slave, or ISIS group wife, sometimes given as a reward….  for what would a young girl be a reward….  I would guess a murder, or many dead in a terrorist attack…..  My aren’t they the brave ones..


Children never deserve to die in war….

This Quote from Golda Meir may be one of the only truths we will all hear for a very long time….  She said, when asked when will the Arabs and Jews have peace