The Anger Factor = The Donald

Donald Trump is a anger magnet and this concerns me.  The people who feed in to Trump’s dogma, those who take him seriously and not a side show, are angry at the establishment ;  probably the postal service as well.

Anger is prevalent and seems to be rising quickly in the form of bullying. Trump is a bully who insults people as though it might be a plank in his administration.  Watching him speak is akin to going to a rally for masochists ; those who like degradation thrown at them and certainly toward the entire country of Mexico’s population.

For Trump it seems all illegal, undocumented Mexicans are rapists and criminals of some type ; any type. It makes sense then if you believe what the man is saying you obviously believe all Mexicans are criminals… what is changed from those who stay in their country or go over the border to the U.S. ?   exactly; nothing !

The verbiage Mr. Trump spewed against Mexican mothers having their children In the U.S.. as though they waited in line to pass over and drop ‘anchor’  (terrible definition) by giving birth to a baby in this country, then to add insult to injury he now would like to change or dissolve the 14th amendment which grants citizenship to any person born here.  That type of action could have such serious consequences, for example; all minorities even if they aren’t the minority in America.

The particular statements about Rosie O’ Donald brought about  the most laughs and noise during the first debate among the GOP audience.

Are these Conservative values ? , Republican core ideas ?  Are they pushing an ideology of mean ?  The reason I ask these questions is because his statements were not interrupted and ruffled none of the debaters feathers.  Not one other potential republican presidential candidate had the ‘guts’ to tell the bully …Enough is Enough !   Sad state of affairs, when family values are cherry picked by the same party who runs against the bad, bad liberals.

Anger and suspicion, feverishly fanned by a man who could—-could—— be  the next president of our country. Our beloved country.

No one group of people is collectively—–criminally inclined, rapists, thieves, lazy, rich, ugly, fat, loud, braggarts, dark or light.


70th Anniversary of The Liberation of Aushwitz

Seventy years. The blink of an eye.

There is a gathering in Poland at the infamous concentration camp named Aushwitz.  I watch this incredible gathering as the victims tell some of the horrors they experienced, for really, those horrors can never be comprehended by those who have never seen their family, friends or other loved ones go through these despicable abominations.

The victims talk, they cry, and beg, no, they lament that these horrors should never happen again.  They speak out to those in an audience who obediently and respectfully listen… and they cry… all cry.  The victims cry, witnesses cry, audience members cry, and we cry in our homes watching these poor souls bearing their hearts to us.  And at the very same time… with no separation in time there are, and have been Anti-semetic , what, I cant call them rumblings, for the words and actions are more, much more than mere rumblings of the old and apparently new, hatred of the Jews.

The countries involved in the ICC are chomping at their bits to get Israel into the International Court and rip her to pieces.  The hooks and knives are being sharpened and held at the ready…….    Israeli war crimes,  really.   A country trying to defend themselves against a terrorist non nation is going to court to defend herself once again and try to explain why Israel must exist…if nothing else this last blast of the murders of Jews and the blatant anti-Semitism in the world right now should and MUST show, tell, explain why it is that we Jews do need a country of our own.  And so it is our God given country of Israel.

Now, why not take an ISIS member to court for International war crimes for beheading several good men , innocent men, for the crime of not believing the way ISIS believes.  Or bring them to court for the crime of genocide, trying to wipe out the Zihdi peoples, the oldest religious peoples in the world.  After the terror they brought those people, the ISIS used up and threw back to Iraq what they no longer wanted or those who no longer had the strength to be an ISIS slave, or ISIS group wife, sometimes given as a reward….  for what would a young girl be a reward….  I would guess a murder, or many dead in a terrorist attack…..  My aren’t they the brave ones..


Children never deserve to die in war….

This Quote from Golda Meir may be one of the only truths we will all hear for a very long time….  She said, when asked when will the Arabs and Jews have peace