Now HERE is A Puzzling Thought

with all the bombs raining down on Yemen from Saudi Arabia, where is the outrage from the international community about the innocents, families and children that are being killed?

when Israel does the same, only alerting the people who are to be bombed, trying to defend their country, are  attacked over and again. the international community go nuts.

I don’t get it  and I understand this is a war against horrible deeds done by ISIS and terrorism,  but then why ‘ the war field be level.

Hamas and Hezbollah are terrorists,  and they are still terrorists as they use their bombs from iran and Russia,  when they as a non state, are lobbing bombs into the state of Israel.

Is it fair to admonish Israel for the same reasons…?  why is Israel the one to always get the stick at their butt ?  it is an army against terrorists….same thing.