I swim in an artistic pool of writing, painting and creating jewelry.  Originally from L.I. , N.Y, I now reside in N.C.

I left N.Y. to attend college in Massachusetts in a small town up inside the Blue Hills about 10 miles outside of Boston where I studied Psychology.  My area of study included the abnormal mind.

My bookshelves are bursting with subjects I am passionate about and have been studying consistently for over 40 years now.  These include WWII, German History from WWI through 1946.  My majority of study in this field has been the Holocaust. I’ve read multiples of biographies on Hitler and all of the men who were his favorites, and some who were not favored by him at all.  I find them all fascinating.

I have also taken quite a few classes on profiling and serial murder and from this I have a plethora of books from A-Z on that subject.

I do read some fiction crime thrillers  on the order of Patricia Cornwall  and Stephen King is a stupendous writer and person. I have also read almost all of Johnathan Kellerman’s books.  Fast reads good stories.

Several manuscripts ( 5 or 6) are on shelves in baskets, or piled on a piece of clear floor, when I can find one, and pushed up against the wall.  Needless to say……. yes my living space is cluttered.

My goal is to SIT ME DOWN AND WRITE THAT BOOK  or several.  I do have the writers disease of terrible procrastination and writing while on line–murder–I forever research, even things not needed for my writing….interesting, but not writing!

I love the ‘arts’ and sometimes it appears to others as though I am missing a floor –Don’t you believe it !


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