U.S Woefully Under Represented

The Unity march in France had over 3 million people in one spot at one time.  Truly it was inspiring.

For Muslims to carry ‘Je suis Juif’ is an amazing feat.  In this vein, where in the world was John Kerry and, or Joe Biden.  Isn’t it the job of the Vice President to represent the United States in such important proceedings ?  At the very least I would have expected the Secretary of State, John Kerry to have been in Paris on such an important statement day.

I am somewhat disappointed at this under representation of our country.  I certainly would have been there had I the means to get there, which I am certain the Vice President or Secretary of State have at the ready.

Just a thought.





dan took a second off from watch to enjoy a cigarette.  It was pleasurable, one of the few pleasurable things  here, the other; mail call.  Ice crystals hung suspended in the air.  Green blackness loomed everywhere that dan glanced from inside the forest.  gloom seeped from every line.  pines nearly 100 feet tall wiped out the sky light since ancient times.  mist dripped from the tree boughs and a cover of snow matted the forest floor.

In the holy quiet of this hell, Dan prayed for his pregnant wife Carole and his unborn baby. he had to make it home there were no two ways about it. Dan’s stress was great.  So many times he lay pondering God’s direction for him that he landed in this hellish place.  Still he believed in God.  life was good in New York State for a young man of eighteen before the war broke.  Before the draft into the service.  before pearl harbor-and he and carole had just gotten married.

Dan was a handsome man who attracted people to him, and he had no trouble finding friends.  they found him and they were life long and loyal.

But now was the war, and the war roared forward.  the good think about the war was the American soldiers out numbered german soldiers 5:1.  the bad was most of the American to brass never wanted to bully up to the hard held line in the forest.  blindly when thee were a certain amount of American casualties recruits were sent in immediately.   they were trained well and at the ready, however, there was not one who had leadership  abilities.  they weren’t taught, they were only taught to fight.”  important…but.

the American air cover promised to the men never came.  food, dry clothing, ammunition even in clear weather American cover was impossible.  the men  in the forest were virtually invisible.  the tree canopy, so tightly weaved together became an inpentrable roof.  airplanes couldn’t see the forest floor for the tree tops.

The Germans rigged their shelling to detonate right at the point of the tree tops.  the debris and fire rained down as the pines caught fire from top to bottom. Ironically the best pace to stay safe from the german shelling was under a tree.  hug it, get as close to the trunk as you cold without entering the trunk itself.